Sound Birthing Music, LLC is a pre and peri-natal educational organization offering workshops for expecting mothers, music therapists, and birth professionals.  We teach the use of music during pre, peri and post-natal periods to enhance family bonding, growth, and preparation for the birth experience and beyond. The Sound Birthing process is focused on the needs and well-being of the mother and baby at all times. We believe that every woman has a right to experience her birth according to her desires, and that everyone has the right to give birth in an environment that is calm, safe and supportive.   It is our belief that birth is a normal, natural process. Birth outcomes can be greatly enhanced through the use of music for relaxation and through informed choice, support, and education. 

Sound Birthing Music, LLC is based in research and development.  We are committed to further research and to train others in this field. It is hoped that through our work and our collaboration with music therapists, psychologists, physicians, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and other birth professionals that we can continue the development of specialized educational programs available for birthing families.

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